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The buttons are here!

I joined Ainur's button craze.

The square ones are 38 mm, and the round one is 32 mm. The corners of the square ones are a bit sharp, but that's about the ony complaint I have.
I guess you can tell that I don't care much for overly simple button designs.

The Willie button is inspired by the Joe Hill song (lyrics in Swedish and English). You can look even closer at the design here.

The Aeron button is of course a cropped version of this illustration.

The design of the Eva button has been seen here already. But you can look even closer at it here. Whee!

The Tungus ASSR coat of arms makes a nice button! It's not really visible here, but the red parts really stand out in the button, making for a tinge of a 3D-effect ... Look closer at the design here.

Here's what they look like from behind. I always lose any buttons I have, so I wanted the needles to be somewhat sturdy. Of course, I have dozens of these buttons now, so it's not so bad if I lose one ...

Fronts and backs

I will be selling them at SPX09 in Stockholm at the end of April, but if you want I can also mail them. I'm going to make some sort of "Loot" section on my site soon, with detailed price and shipping information.

Young rebel button

These buttons were made by the formidable Floss Bros. in Leipzig.
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